Managing Director The Float Spa

Our Story

We have spoken to many wonderful floatation centre owners and most have setup a floatation business as a result of a very stressful situation or their work life balance was out of sync.

Our story is very similar…

Our Managing Director, Camille is a very proud mummy – she will never shy away from showing you a photo of her daughter Dali.

In 2014 Dali became very sick and had to spend time in hospital a few weeks later Dali made a full recovery. Camille on the other hand returned to a very stressful full time job and this combined with the added worry and stress of Dali and her recovery resulted in PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). This carried on for several months and it was her father Gideon who recommended floatation to help alleviate the PTSD.

Having lived in Brighton for the past 12 years, Camille noted that there were no nearby float centres. After having a few floatation sessions the PTSD improved radically, a lot more than expected. Camille was able to think clearer and having spent years working in the health and wellbeing industry decided to open the very first dedication Floatation Spa and complementary therapy centre in Brighton and Hove. There is no other place in Brighton and Hove which offers the range of therapies and classes all aimed at improving your wellbeing and ultimately your life.

After hunting for the perfect venue, The Float Spa based in Third Avenue, Hove was born.

“ I wanted to give others what I had found – the most perfect treatment; after I found floating I was able to take a whole new perspective on life, think more positively, I was able to look inside and find the things that bothered me and learn how to change them, the result is I am happier than ever” Camille Pierson