Stress Relief Programme

Stress Relief Programme

Because stress builds up over time, the best way to tackle it is over time.  A single session in a floatation tank may indeed provide you with some relief from stress, but the effect is accumulative. So, floating regularly over a period of time is how you receive the maximum benefit.  That’s why we are offering a total stress relief package to make sure you float regularly, every week for six weeks, in order to really make an impact on your stress levels and give you back a clear, unpanicked mind and comfortable body.

Floatation helps to relieve stress because it allows the mind to totally relax away from outside stimuli and the body to relax without the ravages of gravity.  The total escape from the outside world and lack of stimulation allows the mind to enter into the state usually induced by meditation, sometimes called the theta state, where the mind is somewhere between being awake and asleep.

This is the mind state that really allows the mind to heal and release stress.  The more often your mind enters this state, the more easily it will go into it each time and the greater the benefit.  Not only does this state of mind feel incredible because all the usual chatter and noise in your mind totally stops, entering it regularly improves concentration, boosts mood and prevents the build-up of stress. 

Stress Relief Programme

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Floating differs from meditation and other forms of stress relief primarily through the physical side.  When you float free from gravity, it allows your muscles and joints to totally relax which helps improve blood flow and aids the reduction of stress chemicals, like cortisol, in your body whilst encouraging the production of ‘feel good’ hormones like endorphins and serotonin.  It works by allowing the body’s parasympathetic nervous system to kick in.  This is the system that does the exact opposite to the sympathetic ‘fight or flight’ nervous system which becomes active when people are stressed, overstressing the body by placing it in a perpetual state of readiness to take action against some perceived threat.  The parasympathetic nervous system undoes the tensed muscles, adrenaline pumping, digestion hindering, fight or flight state to allow the body to relax and repair.

Regularly allowing your nervous system to enter the parasympathetic state and your mind to enter the theta state can prevent the build-up of the effects of stress on body and mind such as:

  • Reduced concentration
  • Poor sleep
  • Aches and pains
  • Headaches
  • Irritability
  • Digestion issues
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Long term stress related heart conditions

The problem with stress is that it simply doesn’t feel like you can take the time to regularly do something like floatation to allow this to happen.  We offer our six-week weekly float package so you can commit to doing this for yourself, allowing you to get a handle on your stress and build a habit that can help you prevent stress getting on top of you in future.  Once you have completed the programme, you can maintain the same effects by floating once a month.

If you would like to know more about how floating can help you tackle stress or to book your six week stress relief package, please call 01273 933 680, email or why not book in a free consultation call with Camille.

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