Samantha Goodchild

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Mindfulness classes

About the therapy

Meditation has been shown to be beneficial in helping people to overcome anxiety, stress and depression. Research has also shown how effective it is at improving cognitive abilities, focus and memory. It also powerfully affects the physical brain, repairing damaged neural pathways and restoring health.

A wide range of meditation is offered at The Float Spa including body relaxation meditation, guided mindfulness sessions and guided visualisations. These sessions provide a moment of calm, an opportunity to take time out of your day and just ‘be’.

Mindfulness is a meditative practice that started in the East. It was a key teaching of Buddha and is part of Buddhist practice. But it does not have to be religious or spiritual. It is now widely recognised in science and psychology as a highly beneficial technique to improve people’s lives by reducing stress, anxiety, depression and also preventing these conditions occurring.

About Samantha Goodchild SDS Hom

Sam Goodchild started using meditation techniques in 1999 after undertaking her NLP practitioner training. This involved writing creative guided meditation as well as learning positive visualisation techniques.  She further expanded her meditation practice in 2000, training at the Buddhist Centre in Brighton, and started to incorporate traditional Buddhist meditation techniques such as mindfulness and loving kindness. Later, during her 2 years training to become a Satvik Energy Therapist, Sam enhanced her meditation practice further to include body relaxation meditation and body healing meditation as well as providing one to one meditation tuition and mentoring sessions. Sam completed her spiritual teacher training in March 2014 at the School of Conscious Co-Creation where she has gained skills enabling her to run both group meditations, meditation workshops and retreats. Sam has been running regular meditation workshops in Brighton & Hove since 2013. These popular workshops have a different theme each month and include topics such as using meditation to reduce stress and anxiety, as well as mindfulness, connecting with your intuition, desire mapping and creating changes in your life.

Sam is also a qualified homeopath, graduating from the South Downs School of Homeopathy in 2008. Sam’s interest in homeopathy was sparked when she decided to see a homeopath after years of hormonal issues. After years of ‘living on’ ibuprofen for 3 days of every month, Sam was able to throw away the painkillers and hasn’t taken any for more than 10 years! When homeopathy worked for her, Sam became dedicated to understanding it and bringing the treatment to others. On her quest for understanding, she won a graduation prize for her dissertation exploring how homeopathy works via an investigation of quantum physics and cutting edge scientific research which has yet to filter in to mainstream scientific thinking.

Sam gained 2 years clinical practice between 2006 and 2008 working out of her college clinics in both Shoreham and Chichester. She then went on to start her part-time practice in Brighton expanding her practice to include Hove in 2010 and later further expanding to Saltdean. She is a member of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths and belongs to the Sussex Homeopathy Peer Supervision Group. She now runs her health and well-being practice full-time and is a qualified meditation teacher as well as a Satvik Energy Therapist and teacher. Sam is passionate about homeopathy and specialises in working with people experiencing grief, bereavement, anxiety and depression. On a physical level Sam has a special interest in helping people recovering from injuries, accidents or pre and post-surgical procedures. She also offers support for people with long term chronic illness and is able to work comfortably alongside any conventional treatment or medicine.