Meditation in Hove

Meditation classes at Float Spa, are designed to help clear your mind from all the chatter allowing you space to focus on one thing. This could be in the form of a visualisation which is a type of detailed story helping you to calm your nervous system and feel more relaxed.

Our bodies can become unbalanced during times of stress or illness and a meditation class at Float Spa is an excellent way to rebalance.

What Happens in a Meditation class

Each class is follows a similar structure, please do not worry – we do not expect you to sit crossed legged for an entire hour without moving.

The meditation class is split into sections, which include an ear massage technique which helps to stimulate the vagus nerve and calm the nervous system, followed by a body scan meditation, usually a short period of introception and silence, and finally a guided visual journey. After each section participants can move ‘slowly’ to find a place of comfort either in a sitting position or laying down.

These classes are perfect for the complete beginner right through to those who meditate daily.

Meditation Class

Benefits of Meditation

We have seen clients who completely transform their stress levels with a regular meditation practice. A daily practice of even 5 minutes per day sees huge improvements. Combining these small practices with a full guided session can help to:

  • Aid restful sleep
  • Improve circulation
  • Calm the mind
  • Improve energy levels

At Float Spa – we really aim for the best in Mental & Physical wellbeing and a meditation class is a great tool to achieve this, see you in class very soon.

Meet Our Teacher

Camille Pierson

Camille Pierson

After leaving a career in marketing which started in 2004, Camille was able to reflect on how unhealthy corporate environments can be for people’s mental wellbeing. She saw people working far too many hours under tremendous stress and then going home to chaotic home lives where spouses and children were taking up the remaining energy. In short, she saw people putting themselves and their mental health last in the priority list. Having experienced the consequences ...
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