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Yin Yang yoga combines opposite elements of yoga to create a perfect balance of strength and flexibility, downward focus and upward focus, held poses and moving poses, external and internal, passive and dynamic to energise and relax you in the same class.

This class uses techniques from both the Yin focused and Yang focused techniques to bring about the following benefit: During the Yin exercises, you will stimulate the energy channels to bring balance to the organs in the body, improve flexibility and joint mobility, calming and balance the mind and body, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve and strengthen the connective tissues (fascia, tendons and ligaments). During the Yang exercises you will, strengthen and tone the muscles, improve flexibility and circulation, increase stamina, calm the mind down by synchronising the movement with breath and remove tension and obstacles in the body to allow prana to flow.

Yin Yang Yoga was first taught in 1970s by an American martial artist and Taoist yoga teacher called Paulie Zink. He taught Yin style yoga asanas which involve holding floor-based poses for longer periods of time to increase flexibility while working on the meridians (energy channels) of the body. He used these to complement rather than replace Yang practices of dynamic movements, flows and standing poses.

Yin yoga is sometimes referred to as ‘yoga for the joints’ as the focus is much more on developing flexibility and strength in ligaments and connective tissue rather than increasing strength and flexibility in the muscles. Combining these two styles creates a perfect balance of relaxation and exercise melded together with mindfulness and meditation to bring unity to body and mind.

Both of these yoga styles are suitable for practitioners ranging from absolute beginners up to experienced practitioners as adaptions and options are always offered to help you challenge yourself or not overstretch or overexert yourself if you’re not comfortable with one of the techniques. This class blends these two styles together seamlessly so you’ll receive a perfect balance of benefits for an all round relaxing and invigorating yoga experience.

As with all of our classes at the Float Spa, you’re welcome to bring your own yoga mat but one will be provided for you if you need it. Our instructors will be very happy to offer you any extra help or guidance you need or supply blocks, belts, supports, chairs and blankets if necessary.

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Yin Yang Yoga

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