Sarah Huettmann

Team Member

After a thoroughly uninspiring first float shared with a boyfriend who couldn’t keep still so she found the whole thing rather strange and disorientating, Sarah went on to become manager of The Float Spa.  She gave floating another chance and by the third one, she was totally blown away by the effect it had on her.  Since then, she has gone on to make drastic changes in her life including becoming a vegan and undertaking a number of courses to expand her knowledge of the wellbeing industry.  Her passion for good ethics and sustainability have also had a big impact on The Float Spa as she has pushed forward with lots of great ideas to reduce waste, grow the business in an environmentally friendly way and give something back to the community.

Sarah loves her job for the difference she sees in people’s lives but also because of the learning opportunities it has afforded her.  While working for us, she has trained to be a meditation instructor, to use aromatherapy and essential oils, how to make bath bombs and is also undertaking yoga teacher training.  She feels inspired and empowered by the changes she has been encouraged to make to support the business’s constant ambition to improve its corporate social responsibility policies.