Sports Massage

Lucy Howlett Yoga Teacher Hove
For people who are serious about sport or exercise, regular sports massages are a great way to improve performance, help recovery from injuries and keep them in the best condition possible.  Many sportspeople in Brighton and Hove use sports massage to help them get over an injury or get back into training after an injury but it’s actually an effective way to lessen the likelihood of injury and improve performance by ensuring muscles and connective tissues stay flexible.  It also helps address issues of tightness and muscle adhesions which may be hampering performance without them really noticing there is a specific problem.  Sports massage is helpful in the lead up to a major sporting event to improve performance and after the event to speed up recovery time too.

How it Works

Sports massage is different from other massage types in that it can take very different forms depending on your requirements.  It employs techniques from a range of other massage therapies such as Swedish massage and deep tissue massage to target specific areas depending on your issues or which sports you do.  It uses Swedish massage techniques to relax the muscles, deep tissue massage techniques to break down scar tissue and release adhesions and stretching to release tightness in muscles and connective tissue.  Addressing these issues doesn’t just allow muscles to move more freely, it also promotes healing in these areas be improving blood flow and flushing out toxins stored in the muscles.  Because massage is very relaxing, it can also help with the psychological aspect of preparing for a sports event or engaging in serious training as it relieves stress, reduces anxiety and leaves people feeling invigorated and full of energy.

What it Helps

As well as the performance benefits listed above, sports massage can also help prevent the big bad DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness) after intense training as massage helps to flush away the metabolic waste products like lactic acid and encourages better blood flow to promote healing and quick recovery.  It’s also very helpful in dealing with the kind of small problems that can impede training and hold a sportsperson or runner back like rotator cuff issues and tendonitis.   Sports massage goes beyond normal massage to take time to stretch not just the muscles but the fascia and other connective tissues to improve performance and make injury less likely.

What to Expect from a Sports Massage

Sports massage is more targeted than normal massage so, when you attend your appointment at The Float Spa in Hove, the massage therapist will take more time to offer you a thorough consultation to see exactly what you’d like to get out of your sports massage.  They’ll want to know what sort of exercise you do and when you last trained/are next training or competing.  This allows them to tailor their treatment to your specific needs whether you want to recover after an event or hard training or are preparing for a competition, race or match.  To start the treatment, they’ll employ normal massage techniques like long gentle strokes to relax the muscles before they start focusing on the specific areas you want them to focus on.  You should leave feeling deeply relaxed and able to move more freely and go on to perform better in your training.  They recommend that you don’t do any strenuous training straight after your massage and drink plenty of water.

If you’d like to know if sports massage could help you in your sport or help you recover from a specific injury, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01273 933680 or click here to book your massage online.