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The Float Spa Hove Prices

At The Float Spa Hove, we are constantly striving to bring you a range of exclusive special offers, not available elsewhere. We believe every client whether they are new or an existing client can benefit from the offer once. We hope you find these useful.

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Floatation Therapy Prices

It is recommended you float a minimum of 3 times before deciding if it is for you. It takes a couple of sessions to become comfortable with the newness of nothingness, to let go and realise the benefits. Once you realise the benefits, the most cost effective way to float is with short term contract membership, we really just want to spread the floating message across Brighton and Hove. 

Looking for the perfect gift – why not check out our range of Gift Vouchers.

Maybe combine multiple treatments – head to our offers page for more info.

Individual Float Sessions

For individuals.

  • £65
  • £180
  • £275
  • £35

Friendship Float Sessions

For 2-3 people to float simultaneously but in private individual rooms.

  • £120
  • £165

Monthly Memberships

For those who want to float on a regular basis - more details below.

  • £50/month
  • £90/month
  • £160/month
  • £240/month

Float Monthly Memberships

For those looking to maximise the benefits from floating and reach their peak, we offer monthly membership packages. Our memberships offer the largest discounts possible for those who want to float on a regular basis.

As with most anything, the more you float, the better you get at it.

Our float memberships have a 3 month minimum commitment and can be shared by family members. 

Benefits include: 

Float Tanks

*All packages, offers and memberships are subject to T&C’s.