Camille Pierson

Coaching, Therapist

After leaving a career in marketing which started in 2004, Camille was able to reflect on how unhealthy corporate environments can be for people’s mental wellbeing. She saw people working far too many hours under tremendous stress and then going home to chaotic home lives where spouses and children were taking up the remaining energy.In short, she saw people putting themselves and their mental health last in the priority list. Having experienced the consequences of doing this herself, she could see it achieved nothing and those who failed to look after themselves were not benefiting their career or their family in the long run.

Camille has trained in CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), Behavioural Science, Habit Coaching and Meditation and incorporates all these into her coaching style across three main areas:

  • Healthy Body: How to get your body moving

    Healthy Mind: How to rest your brain throughout the day

    Healthy Heart: This is often overlooked, but looking after your heart (it’s the most significant organ after all) by giving and receiving love reduces stress and anxiety

Camille offers personal coaching to individuals who are looking to make lasting changes in their life. These could be for

  • Weight loss
  • Career Enhancement
  • Reducing Stress
  • Staying focussed
  • Better Sleep

One of Camille’s favourite quotes ‘People change best by feeling good and not by feeling bad’ BJ Fogg – Behavioural Scientist.