Float Programmes

Our float programmes are designed with you in mind. Over the years we have seen peoples’ lives change in front of our eyes. We have seen people overcome grief, live completely pain free and beat some very serious illnesses. So we have created a range of programmes to help you every step of the way. 

Stress Relief

Floatation helps to relieve stress because it allows the mind to totally relax away from outside stimuli and the body to relax without the ravages of gravity.

Long Term Pain Relief

Something that can exacerbate and prolong pain is muscle tension, which is why sufferers can experience immediate relief from their pain when floating.

7 Day Detox

This short but powerful programme is about releasing stress, increasing blood flow, boosting immunity and relieving body pain; making it a detox for lots of issues.

Hormone Balance

Our hormone balance programme combines floating, infrared sauna sessions, acupuncture and nutrition advice to boost the health, wellbeing and mood of people going through hormonal imbalances.

Self Care

Float pods allow you to be entirely separate from the busy world outside & the effect of floating free from gravity in that environment allows your busy mind to gently calm.

Mental Health Support

Floating can help people with their mental health. This programme aims to maximise the benefit of floatation for mental health by allowing the positive effects to accumulate and then help you to maintain them.