Seven Day Detox Programme

7 Day Detox Programme​

Investment: £156

Detoxing in this context isn’t just about removing toxins from your body.  This short but powerful programme is about releasing stress, increasing blood flow, boosting immunity and relieving body pain; making it a detox for lots of issues which may be causing you to not feel at your best.  By combining the cleansing and detoxifying action of our infrared sauna with the deeply relaxing and replenishing effects of our float pods over a short period of time, this programme will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and feeling fantastic by the end of the week.

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Both our infrared sauna and floatation therapy produce the best results if they’re used repeatedly as their effects are accumulative.  That is why this programme offers you three infrared sauna sessions and three floats within one week to allow you to receive the full benefit from both treatments.  By having a sauna first and then a float, your body is already relaxed and cleansed which allows it to relax even further when floating and the detoxifying and cleansing effects of the Epsom Salt in the pod carries on the process the sauna started.  Having multiple floats and saunas over such a short space of time also allows those processes to carry on with each session.  You find that you relax more quickly and deeply each time with the positive effects of better sleep, easing of muscle pain, lessening anxiety, improving mood and greater concentration increasing each time you have a session.

Infrared saunas work to detoxify your body by gently heating it up, causing it to sweat profusely with improved blood flow due to dilated veins, which results in flushing the build-up toxins out of the body via the liver and impurities in the skin can be expelled through sweating.  People have been using saunas to remove toxins and boost their immune systems for centuries, but this new technology uses light waves to gently penetrate the body and heat you up from the inside.  This sound scary but this is the same technology they use to keep babies warm in incubators so it’s very safe and gentle.  Because the light waves heat up your body and not the air around you in the sauna, many people find infrared saunas much more comfortable than traditional ones and the detoxifying effect more powerful.

When you float in the skin temperature Epsom Salt saturated water within our float pods, you are totally free from gravity and outside stimulation so your body and mind can totally relax.  As the muscles loosen, blood flows more freely into all parts of your body which helps to remove built up toxins and encourage healing.  The relaxing effect on your mind lasts, particularly if you float often, and the result is better mental health, improved sleep, less stress and great wellbeing all round.  Removing stress from your body and mind like this is incredibly beneficial to your health and immune system as long-term, built-up stress can have such a negative impact.

By putting floating and infrared sauna sessions together and repeating them three times over just one week, you receive huge and immediately noticeable benefits.  In the short term you feel happier, more relaxed, have a comfortable body and better sleep.  Over the longer term, you can experience a stronger immune system, better balanced hormones and an all-round improvement in your health and wellbeing. 

To book this 7 day detox programme please call 01273 933 680.

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