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Having a significant change you would like to make in your life is daunting enough but having to take this on entirely on your own is what often puts people off.  Even with a good change strategy in mind, it can be difficult to make a start and having no one supporting you along the way can mean the good habits begin to fall by the wayside without you even realising it’s happening.  When a coach works with you to help you achieve your aspirations, they work collaboratively to set you on the right path and help you monitor how it’s going to keep you motivated and support you in making any necessary tweaks to your plan.

The phrase ‘life’s a journey not a destination’ is well worn but, strangely enough, rarely gets used in relation to create a path to change.  We too often see change as something that happens in a flash.  Looking at what we want to achieve like eating healthily or losing weight, we immediately change our entire diet and exercise habits.  Trying to maintain a change like with using willpower and determination alone is inevitably doomed to fail as life intervenes and we lapse into old ways


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Our Coach at The Float Spa, Hove

Camille Pierson

Camille Pierson

After leaving a career in marketing which started in 2004, Camille was able to reflect on how unhealthy corporate environments can be for people’s mental wellbeing. She saw people working far too many hours under tremendous stress and then going home to chaotic home lives where spouses and children were taking up the remaining energy. In short, she saw people putting themselves and their mental health last in the priority list. Having experienced the consequences ...
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