At The Float Spa, we host an arrange of workshops, trainings and events for you to enjoy.  Events are run by instructors from The Float Spa as well as the best external teachers and trainers.

Attendees to our events receive the same level of service and care they would expect from The Float Spa but also receive the benefits of using our bespoke training facilities.  Details of all our current events are available below but if you do require any further information, please call 01273 933680.

If you are interested in holding an event in The Float Spa or our training academy, you can find more information here or please get in touch on 01273 933680.

How to become a yoga teacher

YTT: Question & Answer Event

Join us for a unique and enlightening Yoga Teacher Training Q&A event at The Float Spa in Hove, where you can connect...
Rosie Workshop

Jiva (to live and breathe) and Joy

Join Rosie for an inspiring journey towards joy. This workshop is designed for everyone, regardless of your yoga experience. Whether you’re a...
glow 2


About your Instructor: Marina J has coached women for 20 years and specialises in you flourishing after Narcissistic Abuse and guides women...
Jennie Susie Workshop

Conscious Connected Breathwork & Soundbath

Conscious Connected Breathwork gives us an opportunity to connect with our breath, in doing so we can find a renewed sense of...
New Moon womens event

New Moon in Leo

The new moon symbolises new beginnings – it’s a potent time to set intentions and clarify your goals. Join Cara, a qualified...
restorative yoga sound and reiki workshop

Restorative Yoga, Sound Bath and Reiki

In this two hour workshop Ashka will lead you through some body and breath awareness practices, gentle somatic movement, followed by few...
Rosie Yoga Teacher

Yoga Teacher Training Course

Are you ready to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and transformation with the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) offered at...
Moksha & Mantra - Workshop Rosie

Moksha (liberation) and Mantra

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth? Join Rosie for an inspiring yoga workshop focused on...
Rosie Workshop

Kindness and Kriya (cleanse)

Join Rosie for an enlightening yoga workshop focused on Kindness and Kriya. This workshop welcomes individuals of all levels, offering a unique...
Yoga Retreat

New Year Day Retreat: Moving with ease in 2025

An exclusive Day Retreat held at Float Spa in Hove on New Year’s Day 2025. What better way to start the new...

Examples of Workshops and sessions available

Yoga Classes

An emphasis is on simple movement and breathing exercises that can be done right where people are working.

Preventing Burnout

Have you ever felt burnout at work? Or are you an employer concerned about your team's wellbeing?

How to buy back time

Have you ever considered that without efficiency we can buy time from activities we are doing multiple times.

Tiny to Transformative

Do you want lasting change? Have you tried everything in the past but nothing has stuck, and have you become despondent.

Matcha & Meditation

Combining the antioxidant powers of matcha with meditation - helps to calm the monkey mind.

Goal Setting

Do you team struggle to set goals, but more importantly achieve them. Using the best in behaviour science and habit formation.

How to detox

Toxicity is a modern day problem, as a business learning how to support your staff to detox from the daily toxins helps to reduce absenteeism.

Nutrition at the work

Learn how to avoid the post lunch slump and improve energy and productivity through our stomachs.

Sleep Workshop

Sleep is your superpower - it is during sleep that we as humans become stronger, healthier and smarter.

Sound Bath

You and your team can bath in the sounds from a wide variety of instruments to facilitate an internal sense of bliss.

Guided Meditation

A deep relaxation followed by guided visualisation - designed to bring inner peace and calm from the busy world.

Employee Happiness

Have you ever wondered if your employees are happy? Learn how to implement a happiness strategy to increase productivity.

To find out more about our workshops and courses please complete the form below and Camille will be in contact with you.