Float Therapy Training Course

Float Therapy Training Course

Float Therapy has been around since the 1950’s, a lot has changed since the very first float tank was trailed in 1954. 

Now we are seeing record growth in the wellbeing industry. Many people are discovering the benefits of those regular float sessions, helping to improve mental health conditions, physical pain symptoms and of course reduced stress. We are seeing demand at The Float Spa surge, since the covid pandemic.


If you’re reading this, you maybe curious about diving in and adding float therapy into your business.

Have you only recently discovered the benefits of floating or perhaps you’ve been floating regularly for a while. You may already have a wellness or yoga centre and are looking to add float therapy into the mix or you already work in the wellness industry in some capacity, and want to expand into floatation, to create a career around your passion.

The Float Spa has been established since 2015, in all these years we have grown consistently. Including adding new float tanks, infrared sauna’s, therapy rooms and products to our offerings.

Through constant evolution we have become the leader in wellness in the UK and specifically a leader in Float Therapy.

What we have also done is make a lot of mistakes and then of course learn from them. Our motto is the Japanese word Kaizen which means continual improvement. With this in mind we have created a course for those who a new to floating, would like to open their own float centre or those working in a centre already but wanting to gain the necessary knowledge to do things the right way.

Float training academy

Course Contents

This is a 1 day course, delivered on site at your centre by Camille Pierson – Founder of The Float Spa.

This course is specifically designed for hotels, spas, yoga centres, wellness centres, gyms or similar who have an existing site and have one or more float tanks on site. You may be new to the organisation and want to develop your knowledge or you may have acquired float tanks from a previous owner.

In this course you will learn:

  • History of floatation 
  • How to clean your float tanks 
  • Water Chemistry – how to keep your water safe
  • How to communicate floatation effectively with your clients 
  • How to take your clients through the consultation process
  • How to maintain your tank
  • How to prepare your float tank for client use
  • Staff Risk Assessment 
  • Client Risk Assessment 

Investment: £975 per person

Plus travel expenses – depending on location

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