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Most employers are aware that supporting their employees’ wellbeing is good for business.  All businesses want to get the most out of their team as well as hiring and retaining the best quality staff.  The corporate wellbeing packages we offer at The Float Spa targets the main areas which lead to absences and low morale to keep your team present and productive. 

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Why Have a Corporate Wellbeing Programme?

Giving your staff a benefits package they appreciate is great for recruitment and retention but including one of our wellbeing packages can have so many more benefits such as helping to tackle some of the following issues:

  • The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) reported that in 2017/18 15.4million working days were lost due to stress, depression and anxiety.
  • Over the long-term, stress can lead to digestive problems, headaches, heart disease, sleep problems, weight gain, memory and concentration impairment as well as weakened immune systems.
  • On average, a person taking time off for bad backs and muscular aches and pains takes around 14 days off in a year.
  • UK state that around £77.5billion was lost in 2016 due to sick days and low productivity due to ill-health.

An effective wellbeing programme can make problems like this less likely to affect your business. 

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What Our Wellbeing Programme Offers

Our wellbeing packages focus on the areas of mental health and muscle/joint issues as these cause the most sick days and can lead to demotivated and unproductive staff. Businesses using our packages benefit from the following:

  • Fewer sick days
  • Better productivity
  • Happier, more motivated staff
  • Boosted recruitment power
  • Improved staff retention
  • Staff with improved levels of concentration and energy

All of this means higher profits, reduced costs and less aggravation for your business. 

How it Achieves This?

The main way our programme supports your staff’s wellbeing is by tackling stress and addressing bodily aches and pains either at our spa or at your business premises. It does this through a number of stages: 

Examples of Workshops and sessions available

Yoga Classes

An emphasis is on simple movement and breathing exercises that can be done right where people are working.

Preventing Burnout

Have you ever felt burnout at work? Or are you an employer concerned about your team's wellbeing?

How to buy back time

Have you ever considered that without efficiency we can buy time from activities we are doing multiple times.

Tiny to Transformative

Do you want lasting change? Have you tried everything in the past but nothing has stuck, and have you become despondent.

Matcha & Meditation

Combining the antioxidant powers of matcha with meditation - helps to calm the monkey mind.

Goal Setting

Do you team struggle to set goals, but more importantly achieve them. Using the best in behaviour science and habit formation.

How to detox

Toxicity is a modern day problem, as a business learning how to support your staff to detox from the daily toxins helps to reduce absenteeism.

Nutrition at the work

Learn how to avoid the post lunch slump and improve energy and productivity through our stomachs.

Sleep Workshop

Sleep is your superpower - it is during sleep that we as humans become stronger, healthier and smarter.

Sound Bath

You and your team can bath in the sounds from a wide variety of instruments to facilitate an internal sense of bliss.

Guided Meditation

A deep relaxation followed by guided visualisation - designed to bring inner peace and calm from the busy world.

Employee Happiness

Have you ever wondered if your employees are happy? Learn how to implement a happiness strategy to increase productivity.

To find out more and to see if our Corporate Wellbeing programme can help your company, please complete the form below and Camille will be in contact with you.

200+ 5-Star Raving Reviews!

Collette D
Collette D
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Can’t recommend float spa enough, new to Hove is tried other yoga studios and treatments mainly infared saunas... this place is the best in the area, so clean so professional and great value. A little gem in hove.. staff are all lovely and professional yet very friendly, a truly lovely experience .
Alan A
Alan A
Read More
Small, intermate yoga venue with very good pricing and classes. Staff are very friendly and new starters immediately looked after and welcomed.
Viv G
Viv G
Read More
A great experience, I was nervous, but was soon put completely at ease by the lovely staff, took a few minutes to adjust and I kept my light on in the pod and emerged feeling VERY relaxed. Enjoyed the tea and sorbet afterwards. Loved it.
Jennifer A
Jennifer A
Read More
A truly wonderful experience. I had my first float last week- it was incredible. I was a bit nervous to start but the lady who looked after me reassured me by talking me through the whole process and made me feel completely at ease. The float spa and floatation tank room themselves are spotlessly clean and have a very relaxing atmosphere. Everything is provided for you- towels, showering products, wipes, ear plugs- they have thought of everything!

Corporate Wellbeing Treatment Options

**To find out more about our Corporate Wellbeing Programme please call Camille on 01273 933680 or email**