Kundalini Yoga


This form of yoga has been called the “Yoga of Awareness” as it provides a completely holistic practice which guides you to awaken your creative potential through physical and mental practices.

Each class encourages you to build strength and flexibility in your body, enhancing your focus to develop greater mental clarity whilst boosting vitality levels and inner radiance.

The name Kundalini comes from the Sanskrit word for ‘coiled serpent’. Although this sounds somewhat sinister, it actually refers to the belief that everyone has a coiled spring of energy held around the base of their spine which practitioners of Kundalini yoga can release into their whole body and mind through the chakras and pranic channels.

Kundalini Yoga was brought to the West by Yogi Bhajan in 1968 who brought, not only the poses and ‘on mat’ yoga practices, but also the yogic lifestyle, diet and meditations used in India to enhance people’s lives with happiness, health and prosperity. His teachings still form the basis for this type of yoga and people attending this class can still benefit from his wisdom to take forward into their day to day lives.

A regular practice will unlock your connection to the peace and harmony that exists within, allowing you to release old patterns and habits that no longer serve you and replacing them with positive new practices to support you in becoming your very best self.

These themed classes incorporate a series of dynamic Kundalini yoga postures and creative meditations, integrating sacred mantras, powerful breathwork, body locks and deep relaxation all woven together against a great soundtrack.

When you try one of these classes, expect lots of calming breathing exercises using the breath in a variety of ways. Kundalini yoga also typically holds poses for longer than other types of yoga to really allow you to relax into them and get the most out of them. As the classes are themed, every one is different and each participant will experience them in their own way. The teacher will give options and variations for each pose so absolute beginners and experienced yoga participants can get the full benefit of the class.

The transformative effects of this type of yoga can be very powerful and people have reported changes taking place after the very first class. On leaving the class, some participants said that they felt a much deeper sense of self-awareness as well as feeling energised and freed from stress.

No special equipment is required. Simply wear loose fitting clothes and tie back long hair that may get in the way. You are welcome to bring your own mat but we will happily provide those for you.

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Kundalini Yoga in Hove

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