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Sound Healing Therapy in Hove

Sound Healing Therapy is the use of frequency and vibration from special instruments or the voice for the purpose of healing and wellness.   The use of therapeutic sound can be found in all traditions dating back to the ancients.  From animal skin drums and wooden wind instruments to mantras and chants, aspects of sound for healing, purification, ceremony and spiritual ascension have been prevalent throughout human history.  Healing sounds often draw from elements in nature, either by imitating sounds, for example the sound of water can be produced through rainsticks or percussion, wind instruments imitate bird noises and drums can reproduce heart beats, or the instruments themselves contain natural materials that emanate their healing qualities, for example the 7 metals in singing bowls or quartz crystal in crystalline instruments.

Sound Healing

Why Sound Healing?

The human body, as with all matter, is made up of energy producing particles in constant motion or vibration.  Sound Healing is a form of vibrational energy healing, working with the electromagnetic field of the body to stimulate the many rhythmic systems and bring about optimal functioning.  Breathing and the heart rate are examples of just two rhythmic functions of the human body that are constantly in motion, oscillating and communicating with each other. There are many physiological rhythms that we are unable to see or feel, every cell in the body contains molecules vibrating to their own unique rhythm.  There are even more subtle vibrations happening within our emotions and thoughts.  All of these vibrations orchestrate within the body matrix impacting our physical function, emotional state, mental health and consciousness.  Sound Healing influences the vibratory fields within the body matrix through resonance and has the potential to synchronise dissonance, discomfort or dis-ease back into harmony.

It is well documented how sounds can affect our brainwave frequencies.  During a sound treatment the brain will begin to entrain to the frequencies of the sound and vibration it is exposed to, allowing participants to drop into states similar to REM sleep or meditation where there is both deep relaxation and alertness simultaneously.  By reducing the brainwave frequencies from our waking beta state down to a reflective alpha state or even into an intuitive theta state, there is non-resistence and self censorship drops away allowing for deep listening, connection to creativity, flow of ideas, and processing of memories and emotions.

By triggering the relaxation reflex sound therapy can be extremely beneficial to a multitude of chronic and acute conditions, elevates mood and relieves physical and emotional tension.  Sound therapy also stimulates the production of nitric oxide in the body which promotes healthy immune function, improves memory, dilates blood vessels and lowers blood pressure, acts as an anti-inflammatory reducing pain and free radicals, improves digestion, positively influences the autonomic nervous system and is linked to improved sleep quality.

A sound therapy session can be conducted as a private 1-2-1 session where instruments such as tuning forks or metal singing bowls may be placed directly on the body or instruments played over and around the body.  A group session, also called a sound bath, is delivered to a room of participants who are “bathed” in the frequency and vibration of gongs, crystal bowls, drums, chimes, percussion, himalayan singing bowls or the singing voice.  The experience can facilitate an internal connection and bliss.

Meet Our Advanced Therapist

Jennie O'halloran

Jennie O’Halloran

Jennie is originally from New Zealand and moved to Brighton & Hove in 2018.  She is well traveled and completed her trainings at schools in different parts of the world.  Jennie is a certified Sound Healing Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, Oxygen Advantage Instructor, Breathwork Facilitator, Reiki Master and Massage Therapist.  Jennie’s classes include Hatha, Yin,  Vinyasa Flow, Yoga Nidra, Pranayama, Breathwork and Sound Baths.  Jennie also offers 1-2-1 tailored sound therapy sessions and yoga sessions. Jennie’s ...
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