Our Story

Described by our customers as a ‘haven in Hove’, we wanted the Float Spa to be a place people could go to escape from the stresses and strains of daily life, find relief from physical and mental pain and enhance their wellbeing. The idea to open the Float Spa came from the floating experience of our founder, Camille Pierson. Since opening, all of our staff have felt the advantages of floating so here are their floating stories.


Managing Director The Float Spa

Camille Pierson

As well as being the managing director of The Float Spa, Camille is also a mum of two and it was due to her daughter, Dali, becoming ill that Camille discovered floating. Poor Dali suffered a serious illness in 2014 which led her to spend time in St George’s Paediatric Intensive Care Unit. Fortunately, she made a full recovery but the experience was incredibly traumatic for Camille who had to juggle her daughter’s recovery with a full time stressful job and found herself suffering from PTSD. Her father suggested she try floating to alleviate her symptoms. She was so impressed with the results she decided to open her own floatation centre here in Brighton and Hove as there wasn’t one in the area at the time. Since opening the spa on Third Avenue in Hove, Camille floats regularly and has discovered the wonders of yoga too. Her experience of yoga has also been so positive that she is now a Trustee of the Brighton Yoga Foundation charity, which endeavours to bring all the benefits of yoga to as many people as possible.

Camille is immensely proud of what she has achieved in opening The Float Spa and takes real pleasure from seeing so many people whose lives are improved by regularly floating and/or doing yoga. She’s also delighted that her staff have embraced her healthy living philosophy and reap all the benefits of everything The Float Spa has to offer.

Managing Director The Float Spa

Sarah Huettmann

Sarah’s initial introduction to floating came in the form of a recommendation from a friend alongside a funny story that still makes her giggle to this day. Her friend had tried floating in a centre that allowed people to share pods. She’d floated alongside her boyfriend who had managed to completely ruin the experience for her by getting salt in his eye and then freaking out about it. Apparently, he splashed around so much that it became like trying to float in the sea with so many ripples and waves and because the pod was in complete darkness, the whole thing was very bizarre and disorientating. This is why float pods are one person only at the Float Spa. Sarah didn’t have a great first experience of floating herself as she said she put too much pressure on herself to experience all the things she had been told people experience. She did this because she liked the atmosphere at the Float Spa so much and enjoys her job here so much that she was desperate to really believe in everything we were offering. Thankfully, she managed to relax more on the second float and describes her experience of her third float as being ‘mind-blowing’. Now she floats regularly and finds she has increased clarity of mind, better sleep, reduced period pains, more of a sense of calm in herself and her tension headaches, which she used to get often, have almost completely disappeared.

Working at the Float Spa has also inspired her to be more healthy in other ways as she is now on the way to becoming a vegan, has reduced her sugar intake and is enjoying baking healthier goods than the sugary things she used to make. She’s also started practising yoga regularly and she feels she is more mindful in her everyday life because of this. Her favourite part of working at The Float Spa is that all the customers are so nice she enjoys being around them all day.

Managing Director The Float Spa

Natalie McGettrick 

When she first tried floating, Natalie couldn’t get into it all. Her brain was far too busy and she couldn’t see what the floating was supposed to help with. Fortunately, because she enjoyed her job at the Float Spa, she persevered and found each float a little easier than the last. By the fourth float, she was finally enjoying it and beginning to see the benefits of quietening her mind. Previously, she’d been into exercise but had never tried meditation or anything like that and didn’t feel like she really ‘got it’. Since she started regularly floating, Natalie has found it much easier to manage her anxiety and the greater sense of awareness she has of her issues has allowed her to know when to use tools like floating to manage any issues she has. Other changes she’s made since joining the Float Spa include becoming a vegetarian, taking up meditation and working towards becoming a vegan. Like other members of the team, her favourite part of her job is getting to meet so many nice and interesting people.

She feels like she gets to meet the kind of people she would never have met if she didn’t work for the Float Spa and can relate to them because they have experienced many of the same issues, such as anxiety, as her. She’s also very fond of the other team members.

Managing Director The Float Spa

Lauren Cooper

Before applying for her job at the Float Spa, Lauren was very interested in working with animals or in the health and wellbeing sector. She thought the Float Spa would offer her an opportunity to experience a different and interesting area of wellbeing. Up until she started the job, she hadn’t experienced floatation. Her first session was much like many other people’s in that she found it difficult to switch off. Similarly, with her second session she found it a bit easier but was still a little restless. By the third session, she found she entered a state of deep relaxation and used deep breathing to fully wake herself up when the music started at the end of the session. Subsequent floats have been deeply relaxing and she has been able to wake up naturally as the music starts. Now she says she can tell when she’s due for another float because her moods start to change and all her previous physical niggles start to come back. After floating, all that goes away and she feels thoroughly refreshed and revitalised.

Working at the Float Spa has encouraged her to embrace healthy living in other ways too. She now cycles to work rather than taking the bus and eats more healthy food as she feels eating unhealthy food after feeling so refreshed from floating would just be wrong. Her favourite part of her job is seeing how the clients are affected. She says it makes her really happy when she sees people leaving the spa feeling so much better than when they went in.

The Float Spa

Tasha Lamb

As someone who embraced a healthy lifestyle and practiced yoga regularly, Tasha was drawn to The Float Spa and was excited about the opportunity to work alongside like-minded people. Like most people, she didn’t know what to expect when she tried her first float and found it very difficult to clear her mind for the first twenty minutes or so in the pod. Her second float was a completely different experience as she knew what to expect and found it much easier to relax. Now that she floats regularly, Tasha finds it has a really positive affect on stress and helps her to sleep better. She said her favourite thing about working at The Float Spa is being able to help people and see the improvement in them.

Penny Killick

As a yoga teacher and regular meditator, it’s easy to see why Penny was drawn to working at the Float Spa. Despite being claustrophobic, she was eager to try floating as she felt she knew what to expect on some level as someone who practiced meditation. On her first float, her claustrophobia meant she wasn’t comfortable floating in the dark and she left the pod lid slightly open. She tried to relax using meditation practices but found they weren’t as effective as she thought they would be. Being a meditator though, she knew that good things come to people who are patient with this type of treatment. Her second float was much better as she used the knowledge gained from the first float and just let her mind drift off into relaxation. She felt comfortable enough to close the lid but left the light on. As is often the way, the third float was the charm. A surreal but amazing experience was how she described it and it left her feeling absolutely incredible afterwards. She closed the lid and turned the light off. Already a healthy eater and regular exerciser, she fitted right in with the Float Spa team and says the best thing about working here is how supportive and nice her colleagues are even when it’s really busy.

Lara Ansell

Unlike most people who experience floatation for the first time, Lara actually really enjoyed her first float. Practising meditation regularly meant she felt well mentally prepared for it but then put too much pressure on herself to enjoy her second float so found it more difficult to concentrate. Her third and fourth floats were much better and she continues to enjoy each float more and more. Lara came to the Float Spa originally looking to try floatation as she’d heard good things about it. In her research, she came across the job advert and decided to apply. It appealed to her because she was already very dedicated to practicing yoga. In fact, she credits yoga with getting her through her dissertation and stressful final year at university. Like the rest of the team, she really enjoys working with the clients that frequent the spa and loves seeing the transformations in them after they float, have a treatment or take part in a yoga class. Already a healthy eater, she has found working at the Float Spa has broadened her repertoire of healthy dishes and introduced her to new dairy-free recipes.