Lilla Beatrix Varga

Reiki, Team Member

Lilla is a qualified Indian head massage therapist and a reiki master & Holy Fire III teacher with growing knowledge about wellbeing and healing. Lilla is very intuitive and offers a mix of treatments for every unique person’s requirements and needs as we are all different she makes sure to adjust her treatment choices whenever you see her. Lilla takes clients on a 1-1 basis in person and does distant healing treatments too.

In her sessions, she focuses on making you the most comfortable meanwhile, balancing your chakras and body, letting you enter an altered state; so you can start going through the healing process you’ve been seeking. She implements vibrations through sound healing and different tools such as crystals to intensify the experience. She always makes sure that you take something away with you not ending the healing in the room but being able to utilize the knowledge towards your health and lifestyle.

Lilla has experienced and has been sensitive to many types of energy since she was very young. She has struggled in the past with mental and physical health leading to her long and intense self-healing journey. When she discovered it is possible to heal one’s self naturally, she straight away knew that she wanted to bring this pleasure into other people’s lives. Lilla strongly believes in holistic treatments and has experienced that it’s not always necessary to turn towards medication; healing always starts from within.

Reiki is a very calming energy that brings balance to your overall being. It can be implemented into selfcare, can treat signs of sickness and can be used to heighten your life energy and balance chakras. Whether you are struggling with everyday life stresses, a mental health issue, feel drained physically and/or mentally, reiki can be a great tool to counteract that. When you are experiencing a reiki session with me you can expect to be in a deepened state of being where your body naturally starts healing itself and guiding the energy where it’s most needed. The body is an extremely intelligent being and it knows where to guide the energy and start the healing process that you’ve been seeking.

Indian head massage can bring you physical wellbeing. It can treat migraines, aches and pains in the upper back area and it is a great tool for stimulating hair growth. It also relieves sleeplessness, signs of anxiety and depression and can leave you feeling relaxed with renewed energy levels.

It’s a very relaxing treatment and when mixed with reiki it can have an immensely deep sense of calm and clarity.

In my sessions I implement 1-1 sound healing. It can help to re-tune your brain to cope with stress better by replenishing brain energy with high-frequency sounds. It has the ability to heighten and clear out energetic passageways and blocks, heightening your sense of awareness and putting you into a state of alteredness where you can start going through a healing journey.