Jane Drew

Homeopathy, Therapist

Jane is a registered Homeopath who has been practising for 8 years. She was first impressed by the positive effects of Homeopathy following experiencing the benefits on her daughter’s health after taking her to a food tester for a suspected dairy allergy. The lady who tested her happened to be a Homeopath and gave her 3 little white pills to give to her daughter. The changes were miraculous and from that moment on Jane became passionate about this new-found medicine and studied it to a professional level in 2011.

Jane is passionate about achieving optimal health naturally. Her motto is ‘prevention not cure’ and she understands the importance of nutrition, exercise and relaxation in attaining good health. However, we all fall ill from time to time and Homeopathy gives Jane the perfect tool to treat most ailments safely and naturally. She finds this holistic approach to be the most complete, bringing real and lasting benefits as it focus on the cause of the disease, rather than just the superficial removal or suppression of symptoms.

In her practice she treats people of all ages and backgrounds and has helped numerous patients with both acute and chronic disease on their way to recovery. When assessing a case, she does this in an individualised way and may recommend supplements or herbal tinctures in conjunction with Homeopathic remedies.