What are the benefits of Epsom salts, Floating and Magnesium?

By Camille Pierson

The Many Health Benefits of Magnesium, Epsom Salts and Floating

People have been using Epsom Salts for all kinds of things for over 100 years.  Most commonly, people put it in their baths to relieve aching muscles or help with skin problems.  Less common uses include mixing them with conditioner to give hair volume or sprinkling on flower beds to deter slugs.  One of the main reasons Epsom Salts are believed to be beneficial to health is because of their high concentration of magnesium and, as modern lifestyles have resulted in many people having a deficiency in this mineral, having a boost of magnesium has many health benefits.  As bathing in Epsom Salts has long been a method used to enhance people’s wellbeing, adding the extra relaxation enhancing effects of a float podinto the equation means a dramatic improvement in people’s wellness.

Why People Bathe in Epsom Salts

The first thing to say about Epsom salts is that they do actually originate from Epsom but aren’t technically a salt.  They are made up of magnesium, sulphur, oxygen and water whereas normal and sea salt is mostly sodium chloride. Magnesium and sulphur are both helpful to the body and these seem to be absorbed into the body when people bathe in Epsom salts.  People use Epsom salts to help relieve the following conditions:

Arthritis pain and swelling
Bruises and sprains
Ingrown toenails
Sore muscles after exercise
Sunburn pain and redness
Tired, swollen feet
And slugs eating their pansies

What Magnesium Does for Us

Research shows that large numbers of people – possibly as much as 80% of the population – may be suffering from magnesium deficiency due to eating processed food for the following reasons: magnesium uptake is blocked by saturated fat, sugar and additives in carbonated drinks; not eating enough greens; drinking softened water which contains less magnesium; and taking some medications which harm the body’s magnesium levels such as some antibiotics, oestrogen in the contraceptive pill and other hormonal contraceptives, diuretics and some asthma medication. This is unfortunate as magnesium has many functions in the body including:

Preventing constipation
Improving bone density
Contributing to muscle building
Easing chronic and muscle pain
Relaxing muscles
Improving heart health
Lowers risk of diabetes
Aids collagen creation which helps skin, hair and joints

The Many Benefits of Floating

Not only is the concentration of Epsom salts in a float pod so much denser than in a normal bath, there are oodles of other health benefits on top of those provided by Epsom salts and the magnesium it contains.  The concentration is so high, in fact, that you float effortlessly in the water which is kept steadily at body temperature for maximum comfort and the feeling that you are floating on air.  This allows all those tired aching muscles and joints to relax as there is no weight bearing down on them as you are fully supported by the water.  A complete lack of sensory input in the dark silent space means your mind can fully relax too producing dopamine and endorphins to make you feel wonderful.  All these factors together produce an extensive variety of health benefits – a full list can be found here– that range from pain relief to reducing anxiety, enhancing creativity and strengthening the immune system.

At the Float Spa, we use the best quality Epsom Salt to ensure maximum health benefits and we employ a strict regime to make sure our floatation podsare kept scrupulously clean, have the perfect concentration of Epsom salts and are kept at the ideal temperature for the ultimate floating experience.  To receive all the health and wellbeing benefits of magnesium, Epsom salts and deep relaxation in one lovely floating experience, book your float online hereor call 01273 933680 to speak to one of our helpful staff.

About the Author:

Camille Pierson
Camille is the managing director of the Float Spa and a Trustee of the Brighton Yoga Foundation. She’s immensely proud of the community she’s built at the float spa and takes real pleasure from seeing yoga & floating transform people’s lives. She’s also a mother of two.

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