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Our Floatation Pods

The Float Spa has the biggest Floatation Pods (the I-Sopod) on the market, they are a high 8ft 6″ long by 5ft 6″ wide. You have lots of space to manoeuvre around, you do not feel claustrophobic and you can get in and out whenever you like. You control the opening of the pod and even the light, to ensure your experience is right for you.

Each floatation pod is filled with 10 inches of water, and 1000 pounds of Epsom Salts kept to skin temperature. When you enter the pod it creates an environment that is free from gravity and sensory input (light and sound).

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24/7 Filtrations When Not in Use

The Float Pod offers a pressurised, 24-hour filtration system to maximise pump performance and ensure maximum filtration compared to any other pod, when the Pod is not in use. During a Float session the filter is off.

Under-Body Heater

To maintain a constant temperature during your float, so that you don’t get cool during your float sessions.


There is around 10minutes of music to help you relax, then the music resumes 5 minutes before the end. We control the music from reception, there are a range of tracks available, please do let us know if you do not like the music.

Reception Control System & Session Control

Incase you require any assistance, during your float session, with a push of a button we are only seconds away.