Online Booking

Thank you so much for visiting The Float Spa in Hove’s online booking page. At the Hove location we have three floatation pods, also known as sensory deprivation ranks, and each is within it’s own private room which includes a shower.

You can book your floatation experiences online or you can call on 01273 933680.

To book simply select your chosen date from the calendar to see if there is a floatation experience in our Hove location appointment available. We advise to allow at least 90 minutes for each experience, although we have clients who are so relaxed they have stayed chatting to us for hours, so it may be worth clearing your diary afterwards if you can.

Each floatation experience in our stunning Hove Spa includes welcome drink, 60 minutes floating (if you require a longer session please call the float spa on 01273 933680) refreshing post float sorbet and tea to enjoy in our tranquil relaxation area.

All toiletries, Organic Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower Gel, Make-Up Wipes and Body Lotion, are provided. Along with towels, ear-plugs, vaseline (you will find out why during your consultation) are also provided. Just bring yourself, make-up and hair brush, relax and enjoy.