Bence Bors

Therapist, Deep tissue massage, Massage, Sports Massage
Bence has always had a deep interest and passion for sports and physical wellbeing, so decided to finish a Level 3 Personal Trainer course in London 6 years ago. After a few years of working with clients of different physical abilities and fitness goals he realised it was time to broaden his knowledge; as seeing the progress and improvement in his clients led him to build a higher interest in anatomy and physiology.

Unfortunately 5 years ago suffered a bad spinal and head injury while doing freestyle gymnastics, what led to his long healing journey. The injury made him realise how difficult it is having to live with so much pain and disability. After his recovery he has come to the conclusion that hands on practice had to be the way moving forward in his career for helping those whom seeking support on their path to their healthier and happier selves.

Since February 2023 he working with not only with general public, but with professional sports men to support their health and progress in their career.