Bella Somerville

Yoga Instructor

Bella Somerville teaches Hatha and vinyasa flow, as well as more meditative yin and restorative practices. Her classes are creative and playful, and her deep understanding of the asana, eye for detail and passion for sharing the benefits of yoga with all ability levels no matter what age, size or experience have made her a popular teacher within the local community. Added to this is her contagious energy, so students leave her classes feeling inspired, uplifted and alive.

She believes that yoga is not a work-out but a work-in because true yoga is not about the shape of your body but the shape of your life. Her teaching is compassionate and honest, always inviting students to be curious in their practice, weaving inspirational quotes and yogic texts into her classes, yet always relating to the bigger picture by encouraging students to be in harmony with themselves not just on their mats but also in their lives. When not on her mat Bella hosts ski groups in USA and Canada and yoga retreats to Europe and India, as well as regularly donating her teaching skills to charities and local events such as the Brighton Yoga Festival.