How to treat Multiple Sclerosis naturally?

By Camille Pierson

It always makes us happy at The Float Spa when we can make a real difference to people’s lives and we’ve been fortunate recently to be able to help a number of clients suffering from multiple sclerosis to get relief from their symptoms.  We’re very pleased to say our float pods have helped them in a number of different ways to reduce specific symptoms or to make them feel better all round.  Here are some of the ways floating can help people with MS:

Muscle Soreness and Spasms

A combination of the magnesium rich Epsom Salts and the way you float free from gravity allows muscles to completely relax.  Magnesium is used in the body to help muscles relax and help nerve function so is helpful for people with MS who are struggling with tight painful muscles and spasms. The ability to totally relax in the float pod is also beneficial because tight muscles get tighter and more painful over time so a chance to relax them and give them a break can relieve pain and allow people with MS to move more freely.

StressHow to treat Multiple Sclerosis naturally? 1

MS symptoms can cause stress and stress can make MS symptoms worse.  That’s another reason why our clients with MS have found relief in our float pods.  The lack of sensory input and the way the body relaxes completely in the float pod allows the brain to relax too.  People’s ‘happy’ hormones like endorphins are released and stress hormones like cortisol decrease.  This makes people feel better all round, helps stop the build up of stress and can tackle the symptoms of stress like raised blood pressure and tight muscles. Reducing stress is, obviously, great for mental health too and can support an all round feeling of wellbeing so people with MS can feel more confident in coping with their symptoms.


A relaxed body and destressed mind will always find it easier to sleep but a well documented benefit of floating is better sleep too.  We know that people with MS can suffer from bad sleep and many of our clients who have MS have reported that they find it easier to sleep after a float and their sleep improves over time when they float regularly.  Better sleep is clearly a huge benefit in itself but people also find that getting better sleeps helps them to cope with symptoms too.

Over the years of running The Float Spa, we’ve seen people with a huge variety of conditionsgetting relief and feeling better through floatation and this makes us very happy indeed.  People have told us the regular floating helps them to improve their mobility, ease their pain, help them sleep and boost their all round mental and physical wellbeing to make living with their conditions easier. If you would like to talk to us about how floating could help you live with MS or any other long term condition, please call us on 01273 933 680.


About the Author:

Camille Pierson
Camille is the managing director of the Float Spa and a Trustee of the Brighton Yoga Foundation. She’s immensely proud of the community she’s built at the float spa and takes real pleasure from seeing yoga & floating transform people’s lives. She’s also a mother of two.

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  1. This would be “over the top” for me!!! I was 3 months overdue my infusion becausenof so much madness….getting my second half of my infusion this Thursday. My body hurts( as does so many with this MonSter). Having rhis opportunity woukd be great~Thank you in advance!!