Tackling Brighton’s Problem with Stress

Whether you agree with the recent report that named Brighton as the most stressful city in the UK or not, it’s hard to deny that stress is becoming a serious problem in the city and beyond.  The report by LABC Warranty concluded that the cost of living, the wages and the commuting times meant people in Brighton were seriously stressed but, although we have to agree with them about the commuting with the way the trains have been recently, there are problems nowadays that people all over the country seem to face that results in serious stress.  Tackling stress is one of our main aims at The Float Spa and we believe that a great way to start doing that is to understand it.

Causes of Stress

Obviously, stress is very personal and different people will find different things cause stress but there seems to be common factors in the modern world that are negatively impacting people’s mental health and causing stress.  A lack of time to ourselves is a very common phenomenon with the pressure to keep up with work, commuting, housework, family life and everything else placing demands on our time.  This combined with a feeling of not being in control of our time and being constantly bombarded with expectations, opinions and information in general can be a toxic combination which leads to stress.

Effects of Stress

Aside from the horrible mental health problems long term stress can cause like anxiety, depression, insomnia, a lack of motivation and a tendency to nurture bad habits, stress also has negative effects on pretty much every part of the body.  Tense muscles cause pain in joints, headaches and stiffness while our reproductive systems can also be negatively affected by stress as it causes irregular periods, fertility issues, erectile dysfunction and a lowered sex drive.  This is all grim enough but in addition to annoying conditions like irritable bowel syndrome, stress can actually contribute towards life threatening conditions like heart attacks, high blood pressure, a weakened immune system and high blood sugar levels.  All very not good.

Tackling Stress

As these effects are so horrible, we’d love to help fight stress everywhere but we’re here in Hove so we thought we’d start locally.  All of our treatments and classes at The Float Spa will help you relieve stress whether you take a yoga class, have a massage, a float or a session in our infrared sauna but the important thing to remember about all of these treatments is that it is vital to take time out for yourself to focus on your wellbeing and tackle stress before it becomes a problem.  We are great believers in the benefits of meditation and mindfulness to escape stress for a little while everyday even if it’s only for 15 minutes.

However, as we have such a problem with stress in Brighton and Hove, we want to help fight this more directly so we’ve chosen who we think are probably the most stressed people in the city to offer free floats to.  That’s right, we are offering free floats to nurses working in the high dependency unit and emergency department at the Royal Alexander Children’s Hospital as we think they are thoroughly deserving of a break from stress and our founder, Camille, is very grateful for all the work they did looking after her daughter, Dali, when she suffered a serious illness.

To find out more about our initiative to tackle stress in Brighton and Hove or to talk to one of our team about the best stress-busting treatment we can offer you, call 01273 933 680.