Dynamic Hatha Flow Yoga

Dynamic Hatha Flow Yoga Classes

This dynamic Hatha flow yoga class involves more vigorous movement than the other Hatha classes and is designed to work up a sweat by moving with the breath to detoxify the body and centre the mind.

We move through dynamic sequences to condition the core and pause to deepen into the poses to let go of deeply held tension and bring the heart rate back to normal.

Then, we move into demystifying fear-inducing poses such as arm balances and inversions to break it down and take them step by step to build a confident practice in a supported and open minded environment.

This class will enable you to let go after a stressful day, get back into your body and bring you to a more peaceful and centred place by the end. It’s a great way to start the week.

As the instructor will offer easier or more difficult variations for the poses and movements, this class is suitable for all experience levels. 

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