Sandra Stein

Yoga Instructor

Sandra Stein, born and raised in Berlin Germany, made her way over to London and then to Brighton where she now lives.

It was in London where she realised she could turn her passion into her profession. And so she started her teacher training with Yoga Campus London. Sandra’s teaching is strong and positive influence by her teachers; Judith Hanson Lasater (restorative yoga), Doug Keller (yoga therapy) and Naomi Absalom (Mentor).

Sandra’s yoga classes mirror her background in gymnastics and also her love for music. Sandra loves the free, flowing and intuitive movements in vinyasa yoga, her classes can feel like a dance.

Through her creative sequence, she tries to create a union between mind, body, and breath. She encourages her students to bring aware-ness into the present moment and to also work with what “is”, not what we wish to be. You can expect a fun, challenging, whole body balanced sequence, which can be tough sometimes, but it always ends in the sweetest and most relaxing rest, as well as great music, laughter and moments of stillness.