Matteo Bigliardi

Yoga Instructor

Matteo’s journey with Pilates began in 2015 to rehabilitate from a knee injury and to support with ongoing back pain, that was interfering with his daily life. 

After having found profound transformation through this practice, Matteo is now living a pain free life. He certified as a Studio Pilates instructor to help others by sharing the benefits of the Pilates method. In January 2021 he successfully graduated from Evolve Movement Education’s  Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training program, studying under the mentorship of Ana Barretxeguren (Evolve Movement Education and Moving Fascia’s principal educator). He has since been teaching mat, reformer and equipment Pilates and seeing clients with different needs.

At The Float Spa, Matteo combines Pilates with his passion for astrology. Promoting the nurturing of the body, bringing awareness to the breath, diaphragmatic alignment and pelvic stability, by looking at the body as an energy system, governed by the stars, where physical pains are a manifestation of energetic imbalances and blockages. Matteo’s Pilates offers a holistic approach to bring body, mind and soul back into alignment.