Fang-Yin (Lily) Yeh

Aromatherapy, Therapist

Fang-Yin Yeh (Lily) is a qualified aromatherapist. She offers Holistic Body Massage, Aromaflexology and 1-1 Bespoke Oil Blend.

She used to work in several well known skincare companies, during her career she finds that beauty is more than appearance. She believes being in harmony with ourselves through wellbeing can support our life journey. She also found the importance of personal touch and the impact of how much the smell can affect our body, mood and thought.

In Fang-Yin’s early twenties she discovered essential oils that touched her. It was an eye opening experience and the path she knew she had to follow. Fang-Yin was trained as a Clinical Aromatherapist at Penny Price Academy of Aromatherapy in Hinckley (UK). From her studies she was amazed by the wonder of essential oils and surprised how it can benefit human’s wellbeing in so many ways.

Fang-Yin is passionate about supporting women through every age and phase of life. She sets up Immerse Aromatherapy and has a vision to share the wonders of essential oils to the public. She is a full member of The International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (IFPA), by continuously refreshing and updating new knowledge, to ensure her customers receive the best quality service.

Fang-Yin designed the oils and the creams to best suit her treatments. Holistic Body Massage is focusing on an unwind experience and also encourages women’s body function. Aromaflexology is a treatment combining essential oils with foot massage, it increases the body flow and helps to release anxiety and worries. 1-1 Bespoke Oil Blends is a tailored treatment for your special requirements and concerns. From indigestion, joint pain to improving sleep patterns, Fang-Yin will design the best blend for your situation and you will bring a bottle home for daily use.

  • Aromaflexology 45 mins
  • Holistic Body Massage 1h 15 mins
  • 1-1 Bespoke Oil Blend 45 mins

You can make an appointment by filling the inquiry form in The Folat Spa website; on Immerse Aromatherapy website or by emailing:

*Please note Fang-Yin only accepts women customers who are over 18 years old.