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Charlie Smith

Yoga Instructor

Through Charlie’s yoga classes, you can explore, experiment and play; bringing greater ease, peace and joy into your body and mind. His teaching weaves together his extensive experience, in a way relevant to each individual, so that you can learn and discover the fullness of your yoga practice.

Gratitude and appreciation for the philosophical underpinnings of yoga runs through Charlie’s own practice and his teaching. He finds it very meaningful to provide support and encouragement for students to develop their embodied awareness, and to explore the potential of their own being.

He holds and nurtures a space of exploration, where, over time, students find they can delve into their practice in ways that were previously unknown. Releasing tension, and developing understanding, allows something new to emerge, with greater insight, stability and space. Having moved from a farming background in Cornwall, to corporate law in London, into yoga teaching 7 years ago, Charlie appreciates the uniqueness of everyone’s journey and the communities we can build together.