Yoga for Sport

Having better strength, flexibility, balance and focus is a plus no matter what sport you do.  Sports yoga can help you improve your athletic performance as well as aid injury healing and help your body to recover between training sessions.  Our sports yoga classes are also designed to be strenuous enough to work up a sweat and leave you feeling like you’ve thoroughly exercised your body while calming your mind. Stretching is a must for anyone undertaking any type of exercise but is often neglected in sports training or by people who run or use the gym alone.  This can leave muscles tight and sore which can impact on training efficiency for days after.  Sports yoga can help to replace those missing stretching sessions by stretching regularly used muscles deeply to help them relax and work to their maximum efficiency. Regularly practising sports yoga can also speed up recovery time after injuries and make injuries less likely to occur.  It does this by stimulating blood flow which helps the body to heal and gently stretching all the connective tissues which can be vulnerable to overstretching or sudden stretching resulting in injury. Better core stability and balance is another benefit of sports yoga as it uses strong poses to strengthen core muscles which are essential for balance.  These kinds of poses are also helpful in strengthening other muscles regularly used in sport. After the strong poses, balances, flowing sequences and stretches, the class goes on to focus on relaxation and meditation to calm the mind and relieve stress improving all round mental health and sharpening focus. This class is designed for people who have a fairly reasonable level of fitness from doing other forms of exercise but is suitable for beginners in yoga.  Taught by an retired professional cricketer, this class is ideal for sports people or dedicated exercisers who want to enhance their performance and rejuvenate their body between training sessions. If you would like more information about this class, please feel free to contact us or you can click here to book a class and see a full timetable of our yoga classes.