Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing in Hove

Shamanism is an ancient practice that goes back thousands of years.

As a healing tool, it’s played a key role with our ancestors and can be found in all cultures and traditions around the world. The concept of illness doesn’t just manifest physically in the body but it also shows energetically within the person’s subtle bodies. Shamans are able to perceive such blockages and clear them. The shaman becomes a conduit through which the energy of the condition is removed and replaced with energy that serves the person and empowers them.

Shamanic Healing

What Is Shamanic Healing?

Shamanic work of this nature of designed to address all of the main layers of a destructive pattern or behaviour: 

Full Clearing of Heavy Energies – A clearing orb will be formed within your energy field to shed and transmute solid energies that are binded into the field. 

Energy Field Regeneration – Powerful spirits and rituals will be sent through your energy body to clear the chakras and meridians, remove the energetic imprints of a shadow, fill holes in the aura and regenerate the energy field. 

Tie Cutting – Your energy field will be scanned by the spirits for toxic cords that are holding you to old stories that are draining your energy and work to cut them. 

Intrusive Energy Removal – Intrusive energies refer to energies that you are holding onto that do not belong to you and can take many forms such as: psychic attack, entities, conscious thought forms (egregores) and in rare cases, live black magic. These will be extracted from the field. 

Soul Retrieval – Through the development of our destructive programming, we learn to dissociate ourselves from core parts of our authentic selves because we learn that it isn’t safe to hold onto it anymore, based on the energies we are exposed to whilst growing up. From a Shamanic perspective, we refer to this as “soul loss”. This process involves myself and the spirits journeying into the collective unconscious to call back the necessary soul parts and place them back into the energy field. 

Reconnecting To The Earth – A core aspect of Shamanism is building and maintaining your connection to the land and the nature spirits. Through the trauma and stress, we can easily become disconnected from the core life force of the Earth and therefore, energy cannot rise properly through the meridians, manifesting health issues, low energy and fragmentation. A core aspect of these sessions is to re-establish roots to connect the client to the life force of the earth to provide a greater sense of calm and resistance against anything unnatural such as chemical, mental or energetic programming. 

Khodam Healing – Khodams are high-level guardian spirits that have powerful healing capability. At the end of the session, a legion of 200 Khodams are left within your energy field and will remain with you for a period of time after the session to continue the clearing process. 

Dis-Creation – Dis-creation is a core part of creation. We cannot expect to create our realities when there are out-dated belief systems and repeating patterns that are blocking our ability to create. During the sessions, energy is built towards neutralising repeating patterns to clear the pollutants that are blocking the client’s ability to harness creation in their lives. 

Forgiving The Self – Clearing all shame and guilt that is associated with the wound and replacing it with forgiveness and understanding. 

Scanning and Healing Timelines – The spirits will scan the client’s timeline to remove toxicity, attachments to past lives, ancestors and potential futures that are resonant with the given challenge. 

Session Options: 
1-Hour Energy Clearing – £140

2-Hour Healing Session – £250

Block Sessions: Four 2-Hour Sessions – £600

Block Sessions: Five 2-Hour S
essions – £750

Bespoke, Long-Term Healing Packages – Discussed Privately

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Luke is a Shamanic Medicine Practitioner and energy healing mentor with experience in a range of energy healing modalities, holistic therapy and Shamanic work. His practice was built for one solid purpose – to hold a sacred space to facilitate those who wish to find their true medicine through Shamanic work and advanced energy healing modalities. Shamanic practice is more than just a type of healing but also a way of life that goes back thousands ...
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