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Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing in Hove

Shamanism is an ancient practice that goes back thousands of years.

As a healing tool, it’s played a key role with our ancestors and can be found in all cultures and traditions around the world. The concept of illness doesn’t just manifest physically in the body but it also shows energetically within the person’s subtle bodies. Shamans are able to perceive such blockages and clear them. The shaman becomes a conduit through which the energy of the condition is removed and replaced with energy that serves the person and empowers them.

Shamanic Healing

What Is Shamanic Healing?

Shamanic practice works with the luminous energy field and brings emotional and physical healing to the client by removing heavy energies, entities, attachments and blockages, and on occasion, by rescuing soul pieces that have been lost through trauma. The goal of Shamanic healing is to bring light to the darkest aspects of ourselves.

Types of Shamanic Healings 

The Shaman can access many different healing tools. The one that is most suitable for the client is highly dependant on where they are in themselves and what they need:

Entity & Black Magic Removal – Works to extract Entities and ancestral black magic that is attached to a particular wound. 

Illumination Healing – Combusts residual energies adhering to the walls of a chakra and replaces this energy with light to strengthen the immune response to illness and heavy energy.

Past Life Illumination – Journey to the past lives that you still have attachments to in order to clear the wounding that is attached to them.

Soul Rescue – The retrieval of trapped soul parts that have been lost through traumatic experiences in this life or a past life.

Black Despacho – The creation of a sacred offering to the earth that represents aspects of yourself that you are ready to release

Inner Child Illumination – The process of journeying to and freeing the trapped inner child with the goal of removing destructive programming from the client’s timeline. 
Destiny Retrieval & Timeline Merging – The process of journeying to the timeline of the client in order read the outcome of a certain path. Merging will involve bringing multiple timelines together in order to change the outcome of future events. 
Psychopomp – The process of journeying to lost spirits that may have latched onto a person or place with the goal of removing the attachment, allowing the spirit to flow back towards the light.

Meet Our Therapist

Luke Newton-Mason

Luke Newton-Mason

Luke is a professional Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher with experience in energy healing, holistic therapy and Shamanic work. Since starting his own healing journey, he’s been involved with a range of holistic healing programs, shamanic rituals and courses across the world. When Reiki found him, the divine energy helped me realise that everything he has set out to achieve in life is already within himself and everything he has been searching for is already …

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