Holistic Facial in Hove

An holistic facial with The Sanguine Smith will be tailored to your current skin and aims for that session. As it is a holistic facial, all elements of your lifestyle will be considered during the consultation, such as sleep routine, diet, medication, energy levels and current stress levels, as all play a part in the health of our skin.

After your consultation you will be made comfortable on the padded therapy couch with pillows and covered with a sheet and a blanket. If you are pregnant the back of the bed can be lifted to a more suitable position.


holistic facial

What to expect

All facials start with cleansing. Our therapist uses a carefully selected range of effective, sustainable and cruelty free products from British brands such as Pai, Ren, Olixa and Skin & tonic. All products are removed with hot mitts.

Your treatment will include targeted facial Reflexology points to aid balance and calm the mind. Depending on your aims, this could be a few specially selected points, or a full sequence of facial Reflexology.

If appropriate, uplifting Gua Sha and facial cupping tools will be used to release tension in the face and neck and work towards improved circulation, skin tone and glow. Both Gua sha and cupping originate from traditional Chinese medicine and have been adapted for use on the face. They can be practiced at home between treatments for maximum effectiveness.

Shoulders, upper chest, neck, and scalp will be massaged with hands and hot stone mushrooms to aid relaxation and release tension. (Scalp will be avoided if you prefer not to have oil in the hair).

Holistic facials can be 60 or 90 minutes long and can be focused on products / Gua Sha & cupping or facial Reflexology (although all facials will contain an element of all three!)

A follow up email will be sent to you with personalised lifestyle / skincare advice based on your consultation and treatment, within 3 days

Meet Our Therapist

Kath Smith

Kath Smith

Kath is a holistic facialist and Reflexologist focusing on balancing, nurturing treatments which work towards restoration and calm. She set up The Sanguine Smith in 2020 with the aim of supporting women through all stages of life with a warm and empathic approach. In her facial treatments she uses a blend of Gua sha, facial cupping, Reflexology, and facial massage. Her aim is to help you feel balanced and lifted both inside and out. Kath’s ...
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