What to expect in our Infrared Sauna.

You will definitely want a shower after a sweaty session in our infrared sauna so please bring a hair brush and deodorant or anything else you like to use after a shower.  We provide good quality natural body wash, shampoo and conditioner as well as towels, of course.

When you arrive at the spa, you will be greeted by one of our friendly staff who will give you some water and take you through to the sauna room.  If you would like some aromatherapy while you’re in the sauna, speak to our staff about which essential oils would be best to suit your mood and what you’re trying to achieve.  The room itself is completely private with its own shower.  There are controls for the sauna both inside and outside so our team can set the timer and the temperature to start with but you can lower or raise the temperature yourself to your comfort level.  We recommend not having it any higher than around 45°initially until you’re used to it.


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If you would like to listen to music or a meditation track or anything from your phone, you can connect it to the sauna using Bluetooth before you get in.  It’s probably best to leave your phone outside the sauna so you aren’t tempted to keep looking at it while you’re trying to relax.  Once you’re ready to get into the sauna, strip off completely and step inside, closing the door behind you firmly.  For people who want to sweat as much as possible, we recommend taking a short warm shower before getting into the sauna.

Once you are in, you will notice a small remote control you can use to control the light in the sauna. It has different colour settings as well as light changing modes so you can indulge in some light therapy to help you relax even more.

You will notice yourself getting warmer gently.  It isn’t like the sudden intense blast of heat you get with a normal sauna.  The seat doesn’t get uncomfortably hot and the air around you isn’t humid or hot when you breath in.  Infrared sauna heat is quite difficult to describe because it isn’t like the heat you feel from lying in the sun.  It’s more like the heat you feel when exercising but without the exercise, if that makes sense.  You will find yourself sweating a great deal and if the heat does become uncomfortable, you can either turn the heat down on the controls or open the door of the sauna for instant relief.

Most people find the experience deeply relaxing as the heat and light (and aromatherapy if you chose to have that too) is very soothing.  You’ll leave covered in sweat, which is the idea of a sauna really, but feeling calm in the mind with a relaxed comfortable body.  Feel free to have a nice shower before coming through to our relaxation area for some sorbet and tea.

If you’d like to know more about our infrared sauna or to book a session, call us 01273 933680