Corporate Social Responsibility

As an organisation created to provide the local community with a space to focus on their wellbeing, we wanted to make a positive impact on residents’ lives so maintaining the highest standard of ethics is important to us. These ethics include protecting the environment, caring for staff and helping local people look after their health and happiness.


Our aim is to be as environmentally conscious as possible and to continue to review and improve our systems. We encourage all our staff and clients to suggest new ways we can support the environment. Areas we currently focus on include:

Team Members

Our responsibility to our team members includes looking after their wellbeing as well as offering them extensive training, mentoring and monitoring to support them in their roles along with development and advancement opportunities. They have full complimentary access to our spa facilities and discount prices for our classes and treatments. We take steps to minimise their stress and promote a healthy work/life balance. 


We also have a responsibility to reach out to the local community to improve the wellbeing of as many local residents as possible.