Yoga Class for cancer treatment & recovery with Michelle Roberton

With Michelle Roberton

Date: Friday 13th Jan 5pm – 6:30pm- 8 weeks

Price: £120 (early bird £110 when booked before 5th Jan)

Receiving a cancer diagnosis, being in treatment and on the journey out of recovery are all trying and hard times for any human being, mentally, physically and emotionally.
This time will pass but in the midst of trauma and overwhelm we need to have an anchor in life that helps us make the right choices and keeps us from being swept away. keeps us in touch with our own process. Helps us to remember to be kind and compassionate to ourselves and allows us a space, just to breath.
This 4 week specialist yoga course at The Float Spa in Hove, allows the body time to rest, to restore, to heal before we dive back in thinking we can instantly move the way we used to. It needs time to be heard, listened to, respected and loved. For all you have learnt and grown into through your experience to be integrated kindly into your life.
The body has changed, is changing and needs the nourishment to support this process, not shoved and pushed and forced back into what it was.
Yoga classes for people living with cancer are gentle and flowing with the body and the breath moving in harmony. The routines are simple and yet they nourish instantly from deep within, so the healing happens from the inside out.
The classes create a safe space for our bodies to soften, so we may embrace the pain and trauma and in turn let go rather than fighting and struggling against.
Each class has a meditative feel to them to provide an opening that quietens the mind and soothes the body, thus creating a genuine healing process ignited by you.

About Michelle Roberton

Michelle is a mother of four and has been an author and voice of children’s meditations and Tantric Therapist since 2002.

In 2013 she was diagnosed with breast cancer and found after her treatment that her much loved yoga practice had to drastically change. There was nothing available to her that quite met or understood what her body and emotions needed to recover from such a trauma.

Michelle set upon herself to explore through her own journey of healing and to train as a yoga teacher specialising in yoga for cancer patients and survivors, supporting others during treatment or recovery to return home safely to their body without the mental strain to try to be as we were and surrender to where we are now.