Yin Yang Yoga Beautifully balances the more masculine, solar, active, strong aspects of life and ourselves, with the more feminine, lunar, passive, gentle aspects. Just as the famous Yin Yang symbol suggests, when the two styles are practised together, they help you attain that most elusive goal; balance in your body and life. In Yang Yoga, the muscles are engaged and the practice is active, dynamic, creative and powerful, like many yoga classes offered today.

In Yin Yoga the muscles are relaxed and asanas are held longer allowing them to work deep into connective tissue, the fascia and tendons, producing a deeply restorative stretch and stimulating the energy channels or meridians, which carry prana/ life force and blood through the body.Life is made up of day and night, inhaling and exhaling, light and dark, tension and relaxation, exspansion and contraction, and through Yin Yang Yoga these seeming opposites unite as one, which is the ultimate goal of yoga; union.

This union is then anchored through Mindfulness and Metta meditation, leaving you with a healthy body, a peaceful mind and an illumined spirit.

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Yin Yang Yoga