The Wood Element: Yin/Yang and Myofascial Release

With Ginny Haswell

Date: Saturday 29th April 2017 – 2pm-5pm

Price: £30 (£25 for Float Spa Unlimited Yoga Members)


Ginny Haswell Yoga Teacher Hove
The Wood Element represents growth and expansion; vision and purpose. It is often in the spring time that we feel driven to step up a gear after the introspective and quiet, restful nature of winter. The longer daylight hours naturally boost our mood and energy levels, so for many of us this season finds us looking to make plans to achieve our goals.

To embrace the characteristics of the Wood element, we can look within ourselves to find clarity, decisiveness and assertiveness in order to commit ourselves to that we wish to achieve with an air of confidence and ambition. Yet rushing ahead to the moment of fruition will render us likely to snap, like brittle wood! Balanced growth should be approached with a willingness to be flexible and to progress at comfortable pace.

This workshop will combine a flowing, yang sequence that will lead to peak postures by the process of clear progression. Expect to be open to changes of direction! There will be a focus on stimulating the meridians of the Liver and Gallbladder during our flow.

Yin Yoga poses will be complemented with self myofascial release that both work on the Liver and Gallbladder channels.

In addition to the physical practices, you will receive a handout via email that will include tips for appropriate diet and lifestyle choices to nourish the wood element from a Chinese Medicine perspective.