Waking up to your Essence

With Ananta

Date: Saturday 8th December 2018 – 3:30pm – 5:30pm

Price: £15


Lucy Howlett Yoga Teacher Hove

At the core of your Being, right Now is contentment and abundance.

Have you asked yourself, Why do you do what you do? Why do you look to improve yourself? Why meditation? Why yoga?

So many of us are spending time, energy and resources trying to fix something inside us, What if at the very core of you, you knew there has never been anything to fix?

The purest Essence of your Being as it is, is whole, perfect, Divine. What if all you are seeking for, is to seen and be seen for Who you really Are? To be met beyond personality, beyond emotionality, beyond stories of a separate me? So that you can realise your Essence is the Awareness that witnesses it all, You are not all these transient thoughts, feelings and emotions, you are the witness. Your True Nature is Free.

Ananta Kranti invites you to this meeting, invites you to drop everything you’re holding and see what is left. You are being offered an opportunity for total liberation and this is the key to a True life, lived with meaning and purpose. Meeting yourself begins the final unravelling of all that is standing in your way of truly living, for the Beings who are ready, You are being called to wake up to your Real True Self.. This is your Essence calling you Home, allow your heart to be your ears.

The workshop

This meeting begins with a guided meditation, Ananta leads you to rest in the core of your Being, to drop into the still calm waters beneath all the surface waves of thoughts, feeling and emotion. A place in you that is always here, always quiet and at rest, just so often goes unnoticed, always Free.

From this point of stillness Ananta will introduce the meeting with an inspirational talk that often brings about the Direct Experience of our deepest True Self. From here She invites Q & A, as well as explorations into what is real by the use of Direct Self inquiry.

At the end of this meeting there is often the experience of clear seeing, great openings to deeper knowing and Self Realization.

What to wear

Anything you feel comfortable in

What to bring

All equipment is provided. Please just bring some water to drink.

Who can attend?

Anybody who has a sincere interest in a deeper Truth or liberation from suffering, or simply likes to meet with others who are on the path of Awakening. Those who would love to end the search for who they really Are at the core.

What are my parking options?
There is onstreet parking.

How can I contact the organiser with any questions?
Please email Deva at devayasmin17@gmail.com or satsangananta@gmail.com

About Ananta

Ananta is an International Spiritual leader who has been guiding others through workshops and retreats since 2004. She worked for over 10 years in the Healing fields and studied and practiced various forms of bodywork, meditation and Self Awareness Intensive trainings for over 15 years at the Osho commune International in India. She has the ability to see deeply into where a person is and uniquely lead them exactly where they are ready to go. She channels Divine Intelligence and transmission.