Vital Danza – Dance Class

Helen Thatcher brings Vital Danza, the dance class with a difference, to The Float Spa in Hove Friday’s at 8.15-9.45pm.

Vital Danza is a  therapeutic system that incorporates music, movement, and physical touch to re-awaken a zest for life in participants. The sessions are light-hearted, interactive and gently transformative. There are NO steps to learn, so you can’t get it wrong.  No experience is necessary.

You will dance alone, with a partner or as a whole group.  Whilst you will be clearly guided through exercises to release physical tension, increase your vitality, improve your body awareness and enrich your connection to others, you are free to express your own natural response to the music.

Your first class is just £10.  Arrive by 8.10pm, wear comfortable clothes and bring a bottle of water….call 077927 63106 for more information

Vital Danza Dance Class in Hove