Vibrate the Cosmos Within You

With Tracie Storey, Preetam Kaur and Ratan Veer Singh


Saturday 24th Feb – 2-4pm

Saturday 28th April – 2-4pm

Saturday 26th May – 2-4pm

Price: £30 or early bird £25 if booked 2 weeks in advance of the date

Bookings: Please email to reserve your space

Lucy Howlett Yoga Teacher Hove

Elemental Resonance and The Kundalini Yoga Collective have joined forces to bring you a beautiful trio of ‘Vibrate the Cosmos within you’ Sessions here in Brighton.

In these sessions we work with acoustic sounds to balance and harmonise the physical and subtle energy fields in a Tama-Do Sound Harmonisation session as well as working with Kundalini Yoga asana, mantra and meditation to bring an awareness of the relationship between your inner Self and the Cosmos. The Cosmos is that which you may relate to as Universe, God, the Other or simply the totality of everything. Nurturing this connection to the Cosmos within you can help clear your path to the flow of your life and help you to tune into to Who You Really Are.

Elemental Resonance gladly invites Preetam Kaur and Ratan Veer Singh from the The Kundalini Yoga Collective London-based group to Brighton for these three very special sessions. KYC are teachers holding events, classes and Gatherings around the world. They are trained in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan and Gong Therapy. We have worked together in London and in the Sacred Valley in Peru and we are very happy to be hosting sessions in Brighton.

About the Facilitators

Tracie Storey is a qualified Tama-Do Practitioner her full spectrum approach to sound and vibrational healing spans an eclectic 20 years.  A former professional DJ travelling extensively throughout Europe, Australia and the USA, she transformed her knowledge of sound into discovering more about the healing power of sound, with her teacher Fabian Maman she explored Qi Gong, Vibrational Sound and Colour therapy. 

Preetam Kaur and Ratan Veer Singh are co-founders of the Kundalini Yoga Collective which began with free classes in a park in 2012. Under the banner of the Collective the pair now deliver regular classes, events and one-to-one classes in London and at festivals and happenings in the UK and beyond. In 2016 they also founded the Nadi Gatherings which aims to bring people together to share a journey of activation and healing. Based in the Kundalini Yoga tradition, Nadi Gathering also invites and integrates a variety of other practices and teachings and encourages participants to learn from each other and from the surroundings. This year the Collective will hold the third event in the Sacred Valley in Peru and will also be facilitating a further Gathering on a sacred site in Italy. Both Preetam Kaur and Rataan Veer Singh are qualified as Kundalini Yoga level 2 teachers and also Gong therapists.

“I hope to encourage love and acceptance of all that you are and consequently a loving connection to others.” ~ Preetam Kaur

“I believe that in order to claim residency in our soul we need to first make our busy mind a servant, and also maintain our body so it can carry us to our destiny.” ~ Ratan Veer Singh

We look forward to welcoming you to this energized and transformative space!

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