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Thai Massage in Hove

Thai Bodywork treatments are based on traditional massage techniques originating from Thailand, working on the body using hands and where appropriate to do so feet, elbows, forearms, knees, scarf, spoons that may all be used to apply pressure to Sen and pressure points to release areas in the body that have become bound up or blocked helping to create a greater feeling of relaxation and comfort in the body again.

Thai Bodywork treatments take place mostly over clothing and on a futon mat on the floor with cushions and blankets to help feel comfortable and supported. The massage is deeply relaxing, but expect to move around a little from front to back and vice versa and sometimes up to sitting depending on how your treatment is tailored to your specific needs.


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Benefits of Thai Massage

Thai massage at The Float Spa is holistic, working with mind and body with bespoke treatments tailored to each individual specific needs on any given day to address the areas of your body that need attention following the information shared during a consultation form and discussion which takes place ahead of treatment. Therapists will use a number of techniques from the Thai medicine tradition as this is not a sequence based treatment, but a highly targeted, therapeutic and effective approach to relieving a range of issues including muscle tension and fatigue, back, shoulder, neck and hip pain, joint stiffness, inflexibility, poor posture or digestion and much more.

During your treatment you may have applied specific balms and oils that are handmade following the Thai Medicine tradition targeting specific alignments such as the spinal nerve oil for back discomforts or the warm balm for sore muscles.

The hot herbal compresses are also tailored to individual needs ahead of appointments, so a different blend is offered for the pregnant client, for belly massage and a general wellbeing treatment. The herbal compresses fill the treatment space with a beautiful herbal aroma and it’s one of the first things the senses pick up on arrival in the space helping to put mind and body at ease ahead of the treatment.

Therapeutic Thai Bodywork is for everyone, any age and physical ability. It is deeply healing for mind and body and can be wonderfully supportive for long term health conditions as well as small niggles and complaints in the body.


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