Starna Forster

Coaching, Balinese Massage, Massage

Starna is a dedicated Health Coach, bodyworker, and SOMA Breathwork instructor, committed to helping individuals achieve optimal health and well-being. Her journey into the world of holistic health began with a comprehensive five-year study of Shiatsu at the London College of Shiatsu. This Japanese healing therapy, rooted in the principles of acupuncture, provided her with a profound understanding of the body, meridians, and acupressure points.

Starna’s personal experience with anxiety and chronic digestive issues led her on a transformative healing journey. After experimenting with various modalities to address these problems, she found lasting relief through detoxification and the healing of her gut and nervous system. This journey highlighted the importance of working on both the mind and body to achieve the best results, a principle that has since become central to her practice. Breathwork, in particular, has become a daily and powerful practice for her, significantly enhancing her quality of life.

Following her Shiatsu studies, Starna travelled to Bali to undertake an intensive one-on-one Balinese massage course. By integrating her Shiatsu techniques with Balinese massage, she developed her signature treatment, Balinese Bliss, offering clients a unique and deeply therapeutic experience.

To further expand her expertise, Starna pursued education at the Health Coach Institute and the Functional Nutrition Alliance, focusing on functional nutrition and nutraceuticals. This advanced training enabled her to delve into the root causes of various health issues, with a particular emphasis on gut health. As a result, she now provides personalized coaching to help others address and improve their overall health.

Recently, Starna has added another powerful dimension to her practice by becoming a certified SOMA Breath instructor. She teaches a class called Energized Breathwork Meditation and continues to deepen her expertise with ongoing studies in SOMA Breath.

Starna is passionate about helping women manage anxiety, and regulating their nervous systems, as well as empowering them to realize their full potential and lead healthier, more balanced lives. She offers a transformative three-month coaching program called ‘Get Your Glow On,’ which combines breathwork, coaching, and nutritional advice.

Believing firmly that everyone can heal and thrive if they invest in themselves, Starna has worked with numerous clients over the years to improve anxiety and gut health.

Starna’s philosophy is centered on cultivating joy and planting seeds for growth and wholeness, rather than viewing ourselves as broken. By embodying this attitude, she believes that the seeds will blossom, and the weeds will naturally die, leading to a life of greater joy and health.