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Rocio Santiago

Massage, Therapist

Rocio specialises in the treatment of pain, both sports injuries and chronic pain conditions (i.e. lower back pain, frozen shoulder, neck and upper back, knee pain…etc.). Rocio also specialises in the treatment of anxiety/depression and other complex autoimmune conditions (i.e. fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis between others). Her treatments are outcome based, she sets up a goal with you the client and she works towards it. Independently of the goal (i.e. decrease pain, increase mobility, get back to perform a certain activity, relaxation, etc.) her treatments are a nourishing/relaxing experience.

She is currently about to finish a BTEC6 in Clinical and Sports massage therapy, which is a degree level qualification and the highest available level of education in the field of massage therapy in the UK. Book Now

Rocio started her formation in 2011 through Ayurveda in Spain while still practicing as a nurse and lately in India. Later on she received formation in Thai, Swedish and Deep tissue massage, until she finally specialised as an Advanced Clinical massage therapist here in the UK.