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Poppy Sophia

Reiki, Therapist

Poppy Sophia is a Reiki Master Teacher, holistic therapist and ceremonial space holder who creates nourishing spaces for her clients to rest and receive subtle, energy medicine.

She is the creator of OM CHI REIKI (Melbourne) & more recently SCHOOL OF LIGHT (UK), a healing platform that offers 1:1 energy alchemy sessions, energy medicine training, healing workshops, retreats and mentorship for budding healers.

Weaving with the energies of Reiki, Seichim, space clearing and crystal healing, Poppy’s sessions are known for their ability to positively facilitate deep and long-lasting healing for those who find their way to her.

Her empathic nature and ability to read energy has gained her a world-wide following, many of whom are still beloved clients and students today.

Poppy’s values align with the importance of authenticity, heart-based communication and energetic sovereignty as powerful tools for individual and collective healing and her sessions help you gently remember your connection to the earth and celestial bodies through the alchemy of the elements and earth-centred practices.

She understands the importance of coming home to the body, of honouring the internal rhythms of each person and the strong correlation between our own seasons and the seasons of the earth.

Her vision is to continue to co-create heart-centred spaces where the emotional and energetic experience of the self is honoured as an integral part of a healthy and well-nourished larger community.

Poppy’s dream is to normalise holistic systems of energy medicine as an important part of overall health and wellbeing. To achieve this she brings modalities such as Reiki and Seichim to the masses by sharing her love of these practices with her clients and students.

She places radical self-love and compassion at the centre of her work. Inviting all that hear the call to slow down and connect to that place of inner stillness that exists within us all.

One of Poppy’s biggest achievements to date is building a highly sought after healing practice from scratch in a new country. Attuning over 500 people to Reiki and watching many of her students go on to open up successful healing businesses that are facilitating powerful change in their communities.

She has helped many souls become parents through her womb and fertility sessions and has helped countless people connect to their north star.

Poppy is an advocate for organic living, a lover of the earth and of the stars, a devotee of the Goddess and forever a student of the subtle and healing arts.

Outside of the healing studio you can find her exploring wild spaces, visiting sacred sites and swimming in beautiful bodies of water.

For more information or to connect with Poppy, visit her at www.schooloflight.co.uk, send her an email at hello@schooloflight.co.uk or follow her on Instagram  @school_of_light