Natasha Draycott


Natasha is a qualified Nutritional therapist, looking for the root cause of symptoms and disease. With a specialist interest in hormonal health, sports performance, gut health (which usually has links with skin and mental health) and genetics. Natasha is guided by the latest science and follows the functional medicine model. Natasha uses functional testing in her practice, from in-depth nutrient blood tests to looking for deficiencies beyond what the NHS blood testing can do. Comprehensive gut tests, which give insight into bacteria, inflammation and malabsorption in the digestive system. Gene testing, which is incredibly powerful for truly understanding your genetic makeup, supporting longevity, preventing disease, and unwanted symptoms. Natasha has worked in the food and beverage industry with new functional drinks helping to craft recipes, she has been featured in the BBC, Sherlux magazine, Top Sante, and is currently working with a team of British athletes for a major documentary screening in 2024.

Packages start at £795 (Prices depending on testing)
20 minute free assessment call first –

Genes 20 minute assessment call –

During the assessment call you would discuss what package would be best suited to your needs. Testing is not always essential, so this will be taken into account during the assessment call.
1 x 90 minute consultation in person.
Test results analysis (if relevant) Follow-up consultations – between 6- 12 depending on the package.

30 minutes every week on Zoom or in person.
Education, coaching and support.
Food diary analysis
A tailored nutrition plan, including recipes, shopping lists and other resources Supplement recommendations specific to your needs, and tests (if relevant) Lifestyle recommendations include exercise.

**Ideally, commit to a time and date every week, however, I can be flexible to accommodate your schedule

Gene packages – If you want to look into your DNA I offer tailored gene packages, again as this is very individualised, during the assessment call we can decide how many reports would be suitable- Packages range from £595 to £2495. Think of it like a light switch – your DNA is like the wiring in your house, but the epigenetic marks are like the switch that can turn the lights on or off. These marks can be influenced by things like diet, stress, and toxins, and they can be passed down from generation to generation. Gene testing is the most powerful way to take control of your health. We are all so incredibly different. You can really individualise your nutrition and lifestyle to your own DNA wiring.

An example of some of our gene packages-

Weight loss and longevity- £995
Sports performance- £895
Cognitive performance and longevity- £1195 The Gold standard DNA package- £2495