Mary-Lou Aitken

Yoga Instructor

Ex-International Operatic Soloist, Mary-Louise Aitken, began her yogic journey more than two decades ago. A dedicated mindfulness practice, together with a love for asana work, eventually led Mary-Louise to train as a fully accredited, Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher. With a particular interest in Hatha and Yin Yoga styles, she recently published two articles for YOGA Magazines and one for AMRITA (Yoga Alliance Professionals’ Magazine).

Mary-Louise has an established link with the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies where she periodically works as a consultant. A bridge between the world of academia and the Yoga Community provided the inspiration for her book ‘The Goddess Returns’, where ancient Egyptian Goddess Myth blends with yogic philosophy and practices.

Students of all levels enjoy Mary-Louise’s classes for their themed sequencing and approachable style. She knows how to intricately weave the melody of her voice to ease her students towards a mindful practice. Expect to be invited to move towards an experience of authentic relationship with your Self. Mary-Louise offers insights to inspire, techniques to investigate, and guidance to tune to the messages in the body.