Lynda Racz

Yoga Instructor

Introducing Lynda, our vibrant addition to the Float Spa family, a light-hearted yoga instructor who adds a delightful touch to practice. With laughter and a playful spirit, she creates an environment where yoga brings joy. Lynda’s unique classes blend light-heartedness with stamina, incorporating creative and fun elements that keep students engaged and smiling. From playful transitions to unexpected moments, she maintains a flowing energy.

Lynda focuses on building physical endurance through sequences with dynamic movements, encouraging students to tap into their inner strength. Her flow classes, enriched with breathwork and meditation, are designed to empower students and foster resilience. Amid moments of lightness and laughter, she integrates positive affirmations and subtle cues, inspiring a strong and resilient mindset.

Beyond the physical, Lynda creates a supportive community outside the studio, offering yoga outings and social events and loves to share her funky yoga playlists. Her light-hearted spirit extends to interactions, fostering connection and camaraderie. In summary, Lynda offers a joyful yoga class which blends light-heartedness with empowering endurance, offering the perfect balance of a light heart, resilient mind, strong body, enhanced with breath work and meditation.