Luke Newton-Mason

Shamanic Healing, Therapist

Luke is a Shamanic Medicine Practitioner and energy healing mentor with experience in a range of energy healing modalities, holistic therapy and Shamanic work. His practice was built for one solid purpose – to hold a sacred space to facilitate those who wish to find their true medicine through Shamanic work and advanced energy healing modalities.

Shamanic practice is more than just a type of healing but also a way of life that goes back thousands of years! Luke’s journey into Shamanism is ongoing and is a rebirth process of truly shedding what no longer serves him, in order to move into his state of service to the light. Luke is trained and accredited to the highest standard to be able to facilitate this level of healing for his clients.

Luke’s speciality is referred to as “Jaguar Medicine” which refers to an area of Shamanic practice that is focussed around working with the Shadow in order to assist clients in leaping into who they are truly meant to be. A shadow in a Shamanic context, refers to unconscious beliefs about ourselves and the world around us that we aren’t yet aware of. They are conspiracies of the ego that are passed down from our ancestors or from past lives. When these imprints are cleared, it becomes easier to change certain emotions and behaviours. The power of the immune system is unleashed and healing becomes accelerated.

As a Shamanic Therapist, Luke will hold you in a sacred and protected space that will allow you to safely delve deep into your shadow in order to clear toxic emotions and patterns that prevent you from living your full potential.