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Luke Newton-Mason

Shamanic Healing, Therapist

Luke is a professional Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher with experience in energy healing, holistic therapy and Shamanic work.

Since starting his own healing journey, he’s been involved with a range of holistic healing programs, shamanic rituals and courses across the world.

When Reiki found him, the divine energy helped me realise that everything he has set out to achieve in life is already within himself and everything he has been searching for is already here. As soon as Luke came to this life changing realisation and once had experienced the infinite nurturing potential of Reiki, he set out to facilitate this experience for anyone who has the intention!

Reiki helps to see life in a beautiful, harmonious light which enables you to remember your true identity and see the infinite possibility that surrounds us, regardless of what is happening in the physical world.

Luke is a certified and accredited teacher of Usui Reiki, Holy Fire® III Reiki, Karuna Reiki® and Lightarian Reiki™

Luke is an experienced Shaman and healer who is trained in advanced Andean Energy medicine. Luke’s practice is specialized in the clearing of ancestral wounds and patterns, as well as the removal of black magic, entities and attachments to past lives.

As a Shamanic Therapist, Luke will hold you in a sacred and protected space that will allow you to safely delve deep into your shadow in order to clear toxic emotions and patterns that prevent you from living your full potential.

Luke’s approach involves working directly with the shadow in order to effectively clear the wound that is attached to it. A shadow in a Shamanic context, refers to unconscious beliefs about ourselves and the world around us that we aren’t yet aware of. They are conspiracies of the ego that are passed down from our ancestors or from past lives. When these imprints are cleared, it becomes easier to change certain emotions and behaviours. The power of the immune system is unleashed and healing becomes accelerated